Audition Notice – Fiction Short Story – PFH
Horror – Male/British Accent


Story Title: The Attic

Word Count: 11,000 Approx.

Rate: $250 PFH (payments via electronic bank transfer or check as preferred)
One Hour Minimum

Narrator Summary: Male, British, adult, 20-30 sounding.

Audio Required: Raw WAV, Punch & Roll.

Audition Deadline: June 16th, 2024

Full Recording Due: July 5th, 2024

Pickups: July 9th, 2024

Submit the audition as a mastered MP3 plus your Audible link to

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Thank you.

Audition Script

Marc rolled to his back and forced his eyes open. His head hurt. Yet again, smoky remnants of a dream dissipated just beyond his mind’s reach.

He remembered the sound of a thud above him. Did I dream it?

He sat up, feeling groggy, and vigorously ran his hands over his face. Marc then tilted his head to stare up into the darkness. He waited. And waited. And w—


Though his body tensed immediately, Marc forced himself to keep calm. While the thump sounded like it came from right above him, he knew that couldn’t be true, not after yesterday. 

Thump. Thump. Thump

Three footsteps came in quick succession, sounding like they were moving across the ceiling. Marc quickly grabbed his phone and switched on the flashlight, aiming it up so he could make out the plasterboard of the ceiling. If there was someone walking, maybe he’d see movement on the ceiling’s surface.

To his frustration, the sound didn’t return.

Go up there and look again, he told himself. It was late—or early, depending on how you looked at it—and all Marc wanted to do was to fall asleep, but he knew the uncertainty would keep playing on his mind. Despite having checked only a few hours ago, he knew he’d need to go up again to put any lingering doubts to rest. Marc dragged himself out of bed and moved out to the hallway.

The light was on again.

I switched it off! I know I did! 

But rather than letting himself panic, Marc tried to look for a logical explanation. Faulty wiring? It was all he could come up with. After entering the second bedroom to get the ladder, Marc again heard a thump, this time sounding like it was right next to the attic hatch. 

There’s no way that’s coming from next door.

He grabbed the ladder and moved quickly back to the landing, setting it up just beneath the hatch; he let the light from above wash down over him to guide him. Once he was ready, he stared up at the hatch, holding for a moment in case another footstep came. When it didn’t, he started to climb, phone in hand, just in case he needed to get a photo or a video. After nearing the top, Marc steadied himself. The ladder was strong, but he wasn’t exactly used to it, and felt like he was going to topple off the side. Still, he reached up, unlatched the attic door, and allowed the lid to drop. Stale air drifted out of the opening along with more light. After climbing a little higher, Marc was able to fully see inside, using used his free hand on the top of the ladder to keep himself steady. 

The attic was empty. As he’d expected. Whatever was making the noises wasn’t coming from up there, despite how it sounded. He could be certain of that now. Whatever the explanation, it wasn’t an intruder. Well, at least that’s something. He felt a small wave of relief. 

Then, with a click, the light in the attic blinked out.