Audition Notice – Fiction Short Story – PFH
Horror – Female/British Accent – Story One


Story Title: Closer

Word Count: 9,200 Approx.

Rate: $250 PFH (payments via electronic bank transfer or check as preferred)
One Hour Minimum

Narrator Summary: Female, British, adult, 20-30 sounding.

Audio Required: Raw WAV, Punch & Roll.

Audition Deadline: June 16th, 2024

Full Recording Due: July 5th, 2024

Pickups: July 9th, 2024

Submit the audition as a mastered MP3 plus your Audible link to

Thank you.

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Audition Script

Mia kissed him on the chest and slid out of bed. 

‘Where are you going?’ he asked.

‘To brush my teeth before I pass out,’ she replied.

‘Good idea,’ he said, and got up to join her. Once the couple had finished in the bathroom and re-entered the bedroom, Toby got into bed. Mia, however, stood looking at the window. She saw Toby glance over at her, then to the window, and he finally nodded at her. ‘I’ll check,’ he said. 

Mia watched as her man slid out of bed and pulled back the curtains. She then saw his body tense.

‘Motherfucker,’ he uttered. Mia ran to the window and gazed out as well. 

The man was back. And closer this time. He now stood at the end of the couple’s driveway… facing their house. 

Mia gasped. 

She could make out a little more of the stranger, including the dirt and muck that lined his coat and more of the lacerations on his head. Some of the cuts looked old and partially healed, some even being nothing more than scars, though others looked relatively fresh. 

One thing confused Mia, however: at such a close distance, and because of the nearby streetlight, she should have been able see his face. However, most of it was still inexplicably lost to shadow.

 ‘I’m going to kill him,’ Toby snapped. He turned and stomped over to the door, only wearing boxer shorts, not bothering to even throw on any jogging bottoms.

‘Toby, wait,’ Mia shouted and ran after him, grabbing his arm. ‘Just wait. Let’s call the police.’ He didn’t listen and continued on. Mia chased him down the stairs, now beginning to truly worry. ‘Toby, stop,’ she pleaded. ‘Let’s just get the police here, for God’s sake!’

Toby threw the door open and marched outside. And just like the previous night… the man was gone. 

But Toby kept going, fists clenched, striding down to the end of the drive. ‘Wait!’ Mia snapped at him from the doorway. 

She couldn’t understand how the man had disappeared so quickly, unless he had hopped a nearby fence. However, most of the fenceline was blocked by dense hedges, which should have slowed him down. 

Toby was obviously thinking the same thing, and he trotted over the road, marched across the grass, and fought his way through the hedges to the fence. Mia knew his exposed skin would likely get scratched to high hell from the thin branches, yet he seemed not to care.

She saw him grab the top of the head-height fence and pull himself up, looking over into what was someone’s rear garden. He turned his head left and right multiple times before finally letting himself drop down again. He then fought back through the hedge and made his way over to her, face filled with anger. 

‘He’s gone,’ Toby seethed. ‘But I’m gonna call the police. I won’t accept some freak messing with us like this.’ He ushered Mia into the house and closed the door behind them, before heading upstairs to grab his phone.